Welcome to LoveLocks UK!

We are proud to bring the amazing world of LoveLocks® to the United Kingdom, and hope that you will share with us the joy of locking your love, symbolically keeping it sealed forever.

LoveLocks® are inspired by an ancient custom believed to have originated in China, where lovers lock a padlock onto a chain or gate and throw the key into the misty valleys.

The official LoveLock® padlocks are not only artfully designed, but feature a unique 'lock one time only' construction, that require no key- meaning that once your love is locked, it is locked forever. 

Lovelocks® is honoured to place 'lovescapes' around the world where each lock can be conscientously placed, so that we may enjoy and share in the binding messages each lock conveys.

It is our hope and desire that each Lovelock® placed on a Lovescape will bring joy to all and create lasting memories which future generations can also embrace and treasure, and we do hope you will join us in the UK Lovelocks movement!

Love padlocks are a great way to show someone that you care, and make perfect gifts

LoveLocks® come in various forms, from the classic symbolic, to our new "In Colour" Range, and even Pet Locks!

Our Lovelocks have been specifically designed for this purpose- with beautiful presentation packaging, high quality of manufacture, the Lovelocks branding and that fact that we were the ORIGINAL, why would you settle for any less?



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