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Scotland- The New Paris?

1 CommentMonday, 1 June 2015  |  Laura

Is Scotland the new Paris?

Since last summer and the launch of the "Mark your Spot" campaign on the Forth Road Bridge, Scotland has become a little hot spot for the famous love locking tradition. With Paris now deciding to mark the end of their Lovelocks affair, perhaps Scotland is set to take the lead and build its own reputation as a key romantic destination?

The key point of difference for Scotland however is that their Lovelock sites have been planned, and designed with purpose. Paris authorities have thus far failed to designate dedicated spots to the practice of love locking, and have therefore been battling with mis-placed locks for years. Perhaps if they were instead to embrace the notion, and its role in tourism, the outlook would be different.

Lets take a look at how Scotland are doing it:

Forth Road Bridge

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Forth Road Bridge, a "Mark your Spot" campaign was initiated, and 2 set of panels were installed on the bridge to be dedicated to the art of Love Locking. This project united the local community and inspired tourists, and people locked to the bridge to mark family bonds, romance, memorials to lost loved ones, or simply to say "we were here!". A charity initiative, this project raised a spectacular £10,300 for the Queensferry RNLI.

Where there is space, people can still affix their Lovelock to these dedicated panels, however as was made clear from the outset, any "rogue" locks placed elsewhere on the bridge face removal.

Many people have commented on the unique appearance of this Lovelock site, as the vast majority of locks are official Lovelocks® and so the finished result is colourful, bright and uniform. Also notable is that these locks are uniquely light-weight and have no key, so there is no risk of key litter being thrown into the waters below!

Gretna Green

This historic site, famous for its "runaway weddings, has recently embraced the Lovelock tradition. When locks began appearing on the onsite Courtship Maze, rather than ignore or remove them, they decided to "run with it"! They now offer unique Gretna Green Lovelocks both in the Gift Shop and online, and you can pop along any time to add yours to the maze!



A great number of retailers in Scotland now offer Lovelocks in their stores, including the Timpson chain. So picking up your custom engraved Lovelock has never been easier! Search for your nearest stockist here


Through nominations on social media we have been supporting a number of Scotland based charities over the past few months, including Staffordshire Rescue Scotland, and Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home. It is clear to see that the Scot's have really embraced Lovelocks, and they are always the first to speak up and get involved in our latest campaigns!

Check our our latest Charity of the Month here, and see how easy it is to support them!

So, where will the next big Lovelock project be? Scotland again, or do you have another idea?...

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